Nature, wildlife and landscape photography are my favorites.  Although based in San Francisco, California, I travel Northern California, Oregon, Hawaii and the Western Pacific for my work.  I specialize in nature photography, with my photographs being especially liked for the creatures, colors and settings.  I love San Francisco for urban scenes and scenery.  Hawaii is my favorite for tropical scenery.  Palau is my favorite for underwater life.  I started photography as a hobby when I took my first trip to Alaska and continued with travel photos, often to remote and interesting places.  After many years, I studied in the Masters in Photography program at Academy of Art University in San Francisco.  Beginning with my first scuba diving in 2004 in Palau, I found that scuba trips interfered with the class schedule so chose to learn by experience and wonderful Internet classes. With each weekend photography venture and each trip, I add photos to this site.  New photos will remain in the current year gallery, then be moved to other galleries as a new year starts.